I'm Jim Morrison.

I'm a multi-discipline UX Designer

I build for positive experiences...

...using digital technologies...

...that include web, graphic and video.

In my spare time I like to dabble...

...with digital interactions, animations,

...audio composition & graphics.

I also like dipping biscuits in my tea.

I like designing for happy mediums.

I could go on for ages really, but sure...

...have a look at my portfolio...

...and see for yourself.

Case Studies

Here's a look at a few projects i've worked on...

Abbeyfield Belfast

An inside look into care in the community

View Case Study

Urban Express

Good food on the go

View Case Study

Earl Bishop Trail

Discover the history of the north coast of Ireland

View Case Study

A self portrait, orginally chalk

on blackboard, 150cm x 150cm, 2015

So that bit about me then...

I'm currently studying a BDes Interaction Design at the Belfast School of Art.

I also lecture Creative & Interactive Media at Northern Regional College, and I do a bit of freelance work on the side.

I've previously worked in digital marketing, within both a consultancy & executive role,
and have a background in information & data management.

I love working on projects that focus on user interaction; designs that can evoke feeling, producing a happy, positive experience. A happy medium if you will.

I also like to dabble in digital compositions, including audio, illustration, graphic and video.

I'm currently looking for a work placement starting in September 2017 that will hopefully last at least 6 months.
If you would be interested in working together, or if you have a placement opportunity available, please have a look at my portfolio, view my CV and get in touch.

Clint Eastwood

Sketch on paper (2016)

A bit of blogging...

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