That bit about me

Life-long creative and problem solver; with a penchant for music, art and a nice cup of tea.

UX consultant, product designer, sprint facilitator and educator; with a background in interaction design, digital service delivery and information management.

Skilled in user research & UX design methodologies, with experience in digital strategy and front-end development. Earned a BDes Interaction Design from Ulster University, and have gained UX Training and Design Sprint certification.

If you would be interested in working together, you can view my CV, and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

How I work with clients

The tools of my trade. The process, methods and activities that help us design better experiences.

User Research

Seeing through the lens of the user through qualitative and quantitative methods, including user interviews, desk research and usability testing. Once we understand a user behaviours, needs and attitudes, that's when we can start to help them achieve their goals.

UX Design

With the application of human-centered design, the user is always put first. From the creation of journey maps, user flows and personas, through to sketches, wireframes and hi-fidelity outputs; the users' experience drives every design decision.

Design Sprints

Experienced in facilitating dozens of 5-day GV Design Sprint and 4-day Design Sprint 2.0 projects. Design Sprints are one of the best ways to apply design thinking to quickly define, test and validate design solutions; with co-design, collaboration and user engagement at the forefront.

Workshop Facilitation

From setting company visions to prioritising outcomes, we can work together to design and develop creative solutions. Avoiding endless meetings, design workshops can help move your team faster, align on common goals and solutions; working in a more inclusive, collaborative way.

Service Design

Taking a holistic approach, we work together to ensure efficient and effective process design, organisational design, informational design and technology design across the entire service provision. This allows us to define and design a unified approach to delivering customer needs.

Digital Strategy

From digital transformation to the reimagining of current process, a digital strategy helps define an organisations direction in a digital world. Understanding the holistic nature of digital technologies, channels and mediums allows us to work together and improve business performance.

What helps me design better experiences?


User Research
& Analysis


Design Sprints
& UX Workskops


User Flows, Storyboarding
& Experience Mapping


Ideation, Design
& Prototyping

I've worked with some fantastic clients, brands and people,
working together to help solve problems using empathy and design.

Core principles

Over the years I've grown to understand that some things are just fundamentally true.

We are all human

If I've learnt anything over the years, it's that empathy and design go hand in hand. Design is about problem solving, and if we don't understand each other, then how can we expect to solve each others problems. We are all human, so let us treat each other as such.

Tell stories users love

We are all storytellers and a good story can stand the test of time. Storytelling has enabled us to communicate a history of human knowledge, culture and civilisation. For every website, graphic, video, blog or gif, there is always a story being told.

Design together

From initial workshops through to usability testing, I encourage collaborative design throughout all my work. Designing together allows us to have a shared understanding of the problem and come up with a solution that supports everyone.

Test early, test often

Validating design ideas early is key to improving overall experience and usability. The more we test, we more we know, and the more we can understand if our product actually meets the needs and requirements of our users. Only then can we call it a solution.

Teaching by doing

Since 2015, I've been lecturing in Creative & Interactive Media at Northern Regional College, teaching basic design principles through to the application of user-centered research. I've not only been able to teach something I am passionate about, but it has provided me the experience to develop the skills and confidence necessary to communicate both human-centered and user experience design-thinking to the masses.

I'm also a mentor for the UXDI, helping students of all ages and backgrounds achieve professional certification in UX Design.

Something tickle your fancy?

If you would be interested in working on a project together, or you just have some questions, feel free to get in touch.