Guitaricons is an interactive design project by Jim Morrison for the BDes Interaction Design degree at Ulster University.

The project, developed for Creative Entrepreneurship, involves digital product design and the creation of an icon set.

The idea I had for Guitaricons, and for 'A Jimi Hendrix Experience', was to design a set of icons that represented the iconic musician, helping create an all new Jimi Hendrix experience for people to enjoy.

If you fancy getting involved in a project together, come on over to my portfolio or have a chat with me @thatjimmorrison.

Feel free to download the Guitaricons featured, or if your feeling extra creative, you can download 'A Jimi Hendrix Experience' colouring book.

GUITRICONS presents...

A Jimi Hendrix Experience

1960s Dan Electro Bronze Standard

After his first guitar, a Supro Ozark, was stolen, Hendrix bought the Danelectro with help from his father. Nick-named “Betty Jean” after his girlfriend at the time, Jimi brought this guitar with him during his army service.

1965 Fender Jazzmaster

During the tour with Little Richard in 1965, Jimi was seen playing a sunburst Fender Jazzmaster. The guitar also featured on one of Jimi’s earliest TV appearances.

1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Jimi started using the Les Paul Custom in 1968, with its most famous sightings at Fillmore East in New York, and at the Miami Pop Festival during May of the same year.

1964 Fender Stratocaster 'Monterey Pop'

The 'Monterey Pop' stratocaster is seen during the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. Jimi decorated the guitar himself, and then set it on fire at the end of the festival.

1967 Gibson Flying V

During 1967 & 1968, this guitar was seen on numerous occasions, being played or sitting on stage. The artwork is hand painted, and has become an iconic feature of the Jimi Hendrix guitar collection.

1968 Fender Stratocaster

Jimi started using this guitar from late 1968 onwards, and was used throughout 1969, up until his death in September 1970. Some of the last photos of Jimi Hendrix show him holding this guitar.

1967 Gibson SG Custom

First seen at the Rhode Island Auditorium in 1968, the Gibson SG Custom made a famous appearance during Jimi's interview on 'The Dick Cravett Show' in 1969.

1970 Gibson Flying V 'Left-Handed'

First seen in May 1970, this Flying V was specifically made for left-hand use. Thought to be custom made for Jimi, it was famously seen at The Isle Of Wight Festival in August 1970.