Abbeyfield Belfast

An inside look into care in the community

Project type: Commerical Video Production
Developed on: Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects

Abbeyfield Belfast provides supported sheltered accommodation for older people and is first choice for those who no longer wish to live alone.

While studying the Foundation Degree in Interaction Design, our team were presented with a corporate project.

Abbeyfield Belfast required a commercial video to be produced which highlights its services, quality of care, and experiences of its residents.

The goal of the media project was to create awareness of the services that Abbeyfield provide, as well as the personal experiences of its residents in relation to loneliness, security and support.

Getting Started

The team consisted on Niamh Thompson and myself, a small team for a commerical production, but we still felt we were up to the task.

Niamh was on principle photography and video editing, while I managed the script and audio editing; together endlessly recording video & audio, interviewing staff and residents of Bell Rotary House, one of Abbeyfield's residential homes located in the East Belast.

During our visits to Bell Rotary, we really got a feeling for what this place meant to the people that lived and worked there, and heard some great stories about the lives of the residents come to reside in the house.

We played around with different ideas on how to present the video, researching other commercial videos that had been produced, and felt that the best way to tell this story, was to tell a story

During one of our visits we were introduced to Ida, a wonderful wee woman from Belfast, and asked if we would be interested in interviewing her. Sitting down over tea and biscuits Ida told us her story, about her life before coming to Abbeyfield and how she felt living in Bell Rotary house.

After the interview, Niamh & I decided that Ida would be the star, and that her story was the one we wanted to tell. We listened through the interview again, picking up on key aspects, thoughts, tones and feelings that we felt would be appropriate for the final cut of the video.

Filming on location

Bell Rotary House

One of Abbeyfield Belfast's residential homes.

We put together a general script and storyboard for the video, thinking about what type of shots would be available, along with the nature and pace of Ida's story.

We decided upon a 'Meet the residents'-esque piece as the general narrative for the video, putting together how we experienced the stories told to us by the residents, in 3 minutes or less. The idea also stemmed from the possibility of making a series of these videos, if successful, which could then become a showcase for Abbeyfield Belfast, allowing its residents an opportunity to tell their story.

We scheduled a second interview with Ida, and with a general narrative for the script at hand, recce shots completed, and a cup of tea on the go, we were ready to record.

During the course of the interview, Ida seemed to just naturally answer any questions we had without being prompted, telling her story to the camera, and to us, providing a personal insight into lonliness, friendship and support.

Over the next two weeks, we recorded Ida doing what she does best, living life and enjoying her freedom; capturing Ida's sense of wellbeing as we followed the story she told us. Getting Ida in front of the camera was alot of fun, and she had a great laugh being the star of the show.

Once we had all the footage, we sliced it all up, capturing the best moments that would help tell Ida's story and Abbeyfield's place there. Finding some fitting music that matched the pace, we synced up the sliced audio & video, composing a story which we felt matched the clients needs, and was true to the subject matter.

To watch the video click here, or to find out more about what Abbeyfield do, visit their website.